About Us


 My jewels are dedicated to the memory of my sister. who lost her fight to breast cancer.   I saw her lose her self-esteem as a result of treatment and hair loss. Determined to help her recapture her beautiful spirit, I came up with the idea to make jewelry to place on her scarves and in her wigs.  I told her she was a jewel.   Jewels shine and sparkle and no one or nothing  could ever take  that from her, not even her diagnosis.

     She got so many compliments on the jewels.  It made her feel good.  It was wonderful  to see her start to live and love herself again.  Many people asked where they could buy them  for themselves or for a loved one going through breast cancer.  

     To know that I played a little part in bringing some light back to her life gave me such joy. Sadly, in December of 2014 she went to be with the angels.  After she passed, I remembered those ladies who inquired about the jewels. I decided to keep it going in her memory.  My dear sister, rest in peace and love!!!

Lois D. Burnett, Founder & Creator

Mission Statement

Hair Jewels by lolo™ believes that all women are jewels. We celebrate the uniqueness of every woman as well as empower and embrace their individuality. The concepts for our designs are meant to create lasting memories that enhance natural beauty and confidence as we strive to enrich self-expression.